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Lynnette is a certified life coach helping overwhelmed moms of young children gain control of their days so they can feel proud, accomplished, free from mom guilt, and a deeper connection with those they love.

Lynnette is passionate about people and loves having conversations that bring on those “a-ha!” moments. Through coaching services and speaking, Lynnette helps moms ditch the overwhelm and guilt so they can create a life of ease and fulfillment.
Her expertise lies in her knowledge of the sales and business world combined with the study of yoga, meditation, and energy. The mom-life juggle is real. How to balance work, family, and your sanity doesn’t come laid out in a handbook. It takes an almost continuous evolvement. Through self-love, compassion, and awareness you can find the path to balance. It is already within you, Lynnette helps you bring it out!
Visit her website to learn more about her signature program, Mom Life Simplifier, a powerful, life-changing coaching program that builds the foundation for you to have a life of more ease and fulfillment. Her 90-day program gives you tools to carry with you for years to come and takes you through everything you need to know (and what to do!) to create a beautiful soul-aligned life.

“As a mom, I find myself as the one that makes all the magic happen. I’m a giver, oftentimes a sacrificial giver. I love my family with all my heart but I was in a funk. It was time to invest in myself and my happiness. Lynnette’s coaching is EXACTLY what I needed. I now know who I am (I lost that for a bit), my compass is stronger and I’m able to make better decisions. I am now connected to my joy and what makes me tick. I understand my value and worth. My lows are not as low and my highs are higher. I feel a deeper sense of connection in my relationships than ever before. There’s a new level of respect for myself, my needs, and my boundaries. It makes me feel excited for what the future has in store for me, whether that’s continuing on as I am now or with my bigger goals. I feel like investing in my happiness as a mom is the secret sauce to life! It’s truly the gift I would give everyone I love, knowing what I know now.”
– Charlene R | Texas

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