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Mind and Child

Mind and Child is a parenting resource highlighted by our online video course to help making your parenting journey as smooth and peaceful as possible.

Dr. Mortimer and Dr. Avirett are both child psychologists (and moms!) who use these skills in their private practices and with their own children in their own homes. We realized there are skills all parents should use that are helpful, but parents don’t want to be burdened with reading tons of different books!

This course is for parents with kids 12 and under, with approximately 1.5 hours of content broken down into short (1 to 10 minutes) videos produced by Emmy award winners! You can watch a few at a time, when you have a break, or “binge” them all, at home or on the go.

Our passion is to help families become healthy, happy, and connected. We teach parents how to boost their relationship with their kids, while also minimizing meltdowns and negative behaviors. We also know you are busy. We don’t like “fluff” or “passing parenting trends.” We want to give you easy, usable, research-based parenting tools that you can start using right now!

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Contact Name: Dr. Jordana Mortimer and Dr. Erin Avirett Fort Worth, Texas
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