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We offer professional landscape maintenance services and focus almost exclusively on Tanglewood and the surrounding neighborhoods. John Shannon is a proud Tanglewood graduate of 2000 and Texas Tech graduate of 2013.

Weekly Maintenance:
Lawn Care – Mowing the lawn, weedeating areas where the mowers can not reach, spraying or weedeating all weeds in concrete cracks, blade edging all curbs driveways patios, etc.
Bed Care – Cleaning, weeding and removing dead plant material from beds. Groundcover, perennials and ornamental grasses trimmed and pruned so that they stand out and look their best.
General Cleanup – Entire property cleaned and detailed every week. We will also on occasion get on the roof and clean the gutters out if we notice that its causing problems.
Ornamental Tree & Shrub Trimming – Shrubs are trimmed with the future in mind. We think about how your landscape will look best in the coming months and years and maintain it accordingly. Every landscape has different needs when it comes to this service so we don’t have a preset schedule for this service. We trim the right shrubs at the right time so they look their best.
Flower Service – The soil is prepared by rototilling and mixing slow release nitrogen fertilizer into the soil. We then add potting soil as needed. Flowers are planted evenly spaced and hand watered on the day of installation.
Mulching Service – We clean the beds of debris, old mulch and weeds. If your beds are next to the house we will make sure the dirt level is below the brick line of your foundation. We offer two different kinds of mulch; Hardwood Bark-Shredded and Pine Bark-Chipped. The Hardwood Bark has a dark brown color and soft appearance Pine Bark has a slightly red color with chipped pieces in it.

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