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Counseling may feel like a last resort for you. You might think, “Why should I even consider counseling?” You have probably even questioned whether your problem is truly significant, or how a counselor could possibly help. It is my desire to meet you exactly where you are and give you the tools for personal growth and change.


I provide practical skills and insights for the issues you are facing, while walking alongside you, in order to form a new path towards healing.

Do you struggle with the following thoughts or feelings?
Shame (because you know your actions do not line up with who you say you are)?
Hopelessness (because no matter how many times you try, the results remain the same)?
Fear (wondering if your marriage has what it takes to survive)?
Grief (because you are convinced what you have ruined cannot be restored)?
Distress (because the memories of a traumatic event play repeatedly in your head)?
Anger (towards the situation or the person responsible for your trauma)?
Guilt (because you blame yourself for everything)?
Numbness (because you have shut out both the good and bad to self-protect)?
Exhaustion (because you have almost given-up trying)?
I am here for you.

My areas of focus include the following:
Men struggling with porn/sex addiction
Betrayal trauma due to the effects of porn/sex addiction
Marriage and Couple Conflicts
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, and have been practicing in the DFW area since 2011. I graduated from Texas Tech University with my Bachelor’s in Psychology and from Southwestern Theological Seminary with my Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling. I am trained in CBT, EMDR, The Gottman Method, and also a Certified Sex-Addiction Therapist (Candidate).

If you are ready to face your problems for the purpose of change, you have come to the right place. With every session, I will address the root of the issue. My approach is faith-based, and a Biblical worldview informs my counseling. Let’s partner together and move towards the change you want to see in your life.

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